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Nurtured in a diverse and varied musical culture, Kokci, from an early age, “teases and cajoles” all kinds of instruments into giving up their best : synthesizer, guitar, drums, turntables… Kokci’s innovative, dynamic and bouncy sound is a daring mix of musical color. Through percussive rhythms and fusion of styles (Break, Tekno, Electro, Rock, Hip-Hop), Kokci lights up the dance floor leading his fans into a rich and surprising musical world !


During the past 20 years, Kokci proudly shared the stage with great artists such as :
Len Faki, Julian Jewel, Krafty Kuts, Angy Kore, Ed Rush, Manu le Malin, Perfect Stranger, Liquid Soul, Crystal Distorsion, 69 DB, Ixi, A Skills, Groove Delight, Brain Damage, Vini Vici, Far Too Loud, Missyl…

All around the world, espacially in
France, Suisse, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Thaïland, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Saint Barth, Canada…

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With more than 15 vinyls pressed, he produces EPs with the following labels :
KoinKoin Circus, Astrofonik, Chapati Express, Mr Freeze, Sextoy Records, Le Redresseur de Torts, Aktiv Jump, Komperes Rec, Chien de la Casse, Arythmetik, Razmobreak

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